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Hello from New Zealand Empty Hello from New Zealand

Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:59 am
Hi everyone,

I've been collecting ponies since I was very little, born '85, so have my original G1s, as well as secondhand ponies i've gotten over the years (yardsales, fairs, carboot sales, online etc)
Got into collecting other equine toys for a bit, then got the MLP bug when G3 came out!
Got active in the community and was enjoying hasbro's G3 exclusives. A few personal tragedies (Family passing, Earthquakes/natural disaster) meant I fell out of the collecting community and other fandoms for quite a few years. After two concussions, I've also forgotten who i've made friends with over the years, please forgive me if I don't remember you.

Absolutely love FiM tv show but not so keen on the toys, been watching it since it started.
I Recently bought a few G2s, initially not keen on them I saw a few that were so pretty!

Found HQG1C during the Genie stage and absolutely fell in love with this project, and want to be apart of it, talking ponies, doing fanart, buying the toys..just so happy seeing them!

I have only one pony (Genie) right now, but have put the xmas pony bundle on payment..so excited to get the boys!

I'm not a MOC collector as I gotta play with my toys, brush the hair, tie the bows etc Smile

I have a few OC ponies too.

Edit to add: My collection website [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Fave ponies G1; Firefly, Bowtie, fifi. Ponybride/Bridal beauty/wedding ponies, Big brothers, Glitter body ponies, xmas ponies, cherry treats, rainbow curl, long hair.
Fave Ponies G3: Minty, Starcatcher, waterfire, glitter ponies, long hair ponies, exclusives.
Fave Ponies G4/Fim: Princess Luna/Nightmare moon, Queen chrysalis, Trixie, Fluer de lis,  Starlight glimmer, Tempest, mane-iac.

I also collect; Monster high, grand champions, barbie horses, bratz horses, My beautiful horses, Dream beauties, fantasy fillies, fashion star fillies..and more
3 1/4 of these are my childhood toys as well, hunting for secondhand in the wild too.
Only ones i've bought new more recent years are Monster high, FiM and HQG1C Smile

Sorry if this is disjointed, I never know quite what to write XD

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Pepper Jack
Pepper Jack
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Hello from New Zealand Empty Re: Hello from New Zealand

Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:35 am
Welcome to the forums . Smile
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