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Help please - repairing flutter pony wings Empty Help please - repairing flutter pony wings

Sat May 05, 2018 3:58 am

Don't know if this is the place for this query, sorry if not. Would like advice on a restoration I have not attempted before.

I have got my first flutter pony with her original wings, albeit they are broken. I'm pretty sure that the wings are the originals for this particular Rosedust as the tabs are yellow, were still in the slots, and the edges where they have broken match up with jagged edges on the right wings.

How do I go about repairing them without messing them up completely?
One idea I had was to to make a separate clip/ tab in clear plastic folded over so that it acts like a clothes peg rather than mess them up with a bad glue job (I'll keep the original tabs - just not on the pony !). Would this warp the wings, anyone done it, etc etc?

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