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Ponybookworm's Most Wanted Empty Ponybookworm's Most Wanted

Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:47 am
Category: G1 Ponies
Sweet Scoops & Charm
Greek Ladybird
Argentina Truly &/or Southern Star
Australian April Daisy
Butterscotch variants (have FF, CF, IT, 25, 35 & World's Smallest)

G1 Accessories
Small Baby accessories especially toys & First Tooth
Wands, Crowns & Damsel Hats for Princesses
Boy Pony Construction Hats (can be Custom)
1x Boy Pony Baseball Cap (can be Custom)

G1 Clothes
Argentina Birthday Outfit
Greek Roller Skate Outfit
Greek Tracksuit
Other Country's Outfit Variants
Costume Wears In The Centre Ring & Ponynaut (complete)
Any Pony Packs
Any Pretty-Ups
Baby Tracksuit Bottoms (1 pair to complete a set) from Pony Workout
Assorted shoes & slippers

G1 Playsets
Lavender Dream Castle
Show Stable Variant (not the first one)
WHITE Waterfall (no Pony or duck needed)

Category: G2 Ponies

G2 Babies
Nosy & Click (preferred complete)
Study & Play (preferred complete)
Sunshine & Sunny with slide
Rose & Lily with Seesaw

G2 Accessories
Float for Eve
Blackboard for Miss Teacher
Backpack for Junior
Backpack for Globe Trotter
Shoes for Puff
Ring Cushion for Bride
Various other G2 accessories

G2 Playsets
G2 School (near complete, preferred without Pony)
G2 Mansion (near complete or complete, including Ponies)
Cinderella Ball Tower (near complete, preferred without Pony)

Category: G3 Ponies
Fun Fairy
Beach Belle & Caribbean Delight complete
Snowel Pegasus****

G3 Breezies
Day Lily****
Lady Slipper***
Rose Garden***
Snippety Snap***

G3 Minis
Custom Ponyville Starcatcher
All Valentine Minis EXCEPT Fantastical February
Assorted Custom G3 Dollymixes (ie not the ones already factory made)

G3 Accessories
All food acccessories
Blanket & slippers for Crystal Bed Set
Duck from Sweetsong's Bathtime set
Table & Juice Bar for Ice Cream Shop
Assorted Ponyville accessories

G3 Clothing
Disney Minnie Mouse Shoes (yellow, red bows)
Clothing items from Sunset Sweety's Tea Party Set (have Sunset Sweety & her outfit)
Assorted other shoes, hats, headwear & non plastic clothes

G3 Playsets PONYVILLE:
Super Sundae Amusement Park Roller Coaster Car, Ship & Ferris Wheel
Rainbow Dash's House
Sweetie Belle's House

Category: G4 Ponies
Open category, will include some new ones
Sweetie Swirl
Sweet Song
All future Twilight Sparkles

G4 Babies
Open category to be added

G4 Minis
Minis of Brushable Ponies (normal or Fashion Style) ONLY
ALL minis of Twilight Sparkle I don't have yet

G4 Accessories
Rainbow Flash, Cherry Pie, Daisy Dreams & others need their animal friends & wagons/ saddles
Any book accessories at all
Any suitcases

G4 Playsets
Celestia's Castle (the big one, without Pony or Dragon)
Seaquestria Caslte (complete with Queen Novo)
Friendship School if not Blind Bag Size (complete wi TS version)
Train tracks & carriages for train

Category: Plush
Any Custom Plush of Twisty Tail with hair or fluff
Beanie Morning Glory,  Custom Plush Trixiebelle with hair or fluff
All plush Starcatchers, even fabric-haired, except fluff-haired clip & UK backpack
Any Custom Plush Starcatcher with hair or fluff, except Pillow & 3 foot (both made by a pal in the UK)
Early clips of Fluttershy, Kimono, Sweetberry, Minty, Rainbow Dash & Triple Treat
Later (Core 7) clips excluding Rainbow Dash & Cheerilee
3 foot Star Shimmer
Any Custom Plush of Twilight Sparkle & Daring Do with hair or fluff (removable hat for Do would rock)
Open category

Category: Almost Pony
G1 Pony Keyrings
Assorted Bully Ponies
Pony Charmkin & Charm Powder Puff from US Pony Club
ANY Loyal Subject Pony except Amethyst/Sparkle
The G2 Ponies made in the form of Mummy Charms
All Glowing Magic, Twinkle, & Bright Sight Petite Ponies
Any Dream Beauties (have none)
Any Little Litter sets (Mum & Babies must all be present, accessories optional, again have none)
The keyrings released in G2 Packaging but looked like G1 Ponies
Any Newborn Cutie phonies

Category: Books
Dancing Butterflies & The Bad-Tempered Butterfly
UK G1 early colouring & activity books (have some but not others, pages must be all present & not penned)
UK G1 Magic Painting colouring book featuring Mountain Boys
UK G1 colouring & activity books including the Cookery Ponies
UK G1 Tales colouring & activity books
Several Italian G1 colouring books
ANY G2 story book
I have 3 G2 colouring books, any others in existence I'd love
Any G3 colouring & activity books featuring Butterfly Island Ponies, Starcatcher, & more than the usual 3-4 Princesses
Any Starcatcher colouring & activity pictures you can scan
Any Daring Do books NOT found in the Chest (have the chest & its 3 books)
Open category especially for G.M.Berrow books
I also collect IDW in books, rather than comics
Any G4 colouring & activity books not exclusively featuring the Mane 6 &/or the Princesses

Category: Comics
G1 My Little Pony And Friends Issues 13, 26, 28, 29, 31, 32 and all from 35 on.
G1 My Little Pony Issues 76, 78,  88, 120, 121, 123, 130, 131, 134, 136, 137, 138, 148, 153, 157, 159 & all from 166 on.
All G2 My Little Pony Issues except 2 & 4.
All G3 My Little Pony Issues.
G4 My Little Pony Issues 1-40, 42, 43, 44 and 46.
All issues UK.

Category: Other merch
G1 lampshade
G1 curtains
G1 cushion cover for a 1 metre (3 foot) square floor cushion (have a cushion of this size)
G1 duvet cover set featuring Pony buildings
G1 backpacks, especially Tales
G1 towels
Anything else useful G1, especially if it features Twisty Tail
G2 backpacks
G2 brolly
Various G2 merch
G3 pencils & pens
G3 decent-sized sleeping bag (about 10 year old size, they make great daybags in winter)
G3 Plate with stars to go with G3 Bowl, Cup & Eggcup of that design
Various other G3 merch
G4 merch is Open Category
Retro Dustbin with early leaflet Ponies
Retro merch is Open Category

Category: HQG1C Checklist
Plain Blank Boys
Plain Blank Baby Boys
Plain & Glitter Blank Pegasi
Plain & Glitter Blank Baby Unicorns
Plain Blank Rearing Earth
ALL future releases (1 version of each)
1x plain blank head up Sea Pony & 1x plain blank head forward Sea Pony

Category: Other Customs I'd love
Please can you make for me:
Adult G1 Pegasi (HQG1C says they're coming)
Baby G1 Unicorns, including Glitter blank
Nibbles Pose Newborn G1 Pegasi (HQG1C says they're coming & I can't wait!!!)
More Boys!!!!!
More Sparkle Ponies!!! (in assorted colours too)
More Wingless Flutters!!! (including plain blanks)
Sparkle blue trotting pose (Twisty Tail hint)
G2 Boy Customs (any)
Sparkle G2 in yellow (Trixiebelle hint)
Sparkle G3s in yellow & white
Sparkle G3 white pegasus (Starcatcher hint)
Any G3 unicorns (sparkle included for one)
Normal (small brushable G4) size Daring Do, Amethyst Star, Sapphire Shores G4, Royal Ribbon & Sugar Belle
G4 Sparkle Pony Twilight Sparkle (like a G1 Sparkle Pony)

Also seeking stickers (as in Sandylion & other sticker sets/books/sheets, not necessarily puffy just yet), posters (for more details I can tell you what posters I have), Fairy Tail Fan Tails, Fairy Tail Fuzzy Tummies, four of the Fairy Tail Baby Flyers, the rarest four Poseable Care Bear Cousins, the last of the Keypers (cat & kangaroo), a few Glo Friends, & a few other 80s toys to add to the Friends

NOTE: There is no way on earth I can afford all this lot at once!!! But there are a few specifics for those looking to help out whether by sale or RAOPK, so let's not go nuts here.

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