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My Favourite Friends Empty My Favourite Friends

Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:12 pm
Note: 1/ these are NOT dolls. Dolls are covered in their own topic
2/ These are not, nor ever were, sold under My Little Pony. Those are covered everywhere else
3/ These are also (mostly) NOT other horses or Phonies.
What these are is non-doll, non-Pony toys I love from the 1980s.

First on the list, being small, Hasbro-made & glow-in-the-dark, are the Glo Friends. There are a few Plushies of them with slots for putting batteries so when you squeeze the face lights up (mostly Glo Worm, Glo Butterfly & Baby Glo Worm, I have none of these though I used to have Glo Worm plushie). But here I'm on about the miniature ones who came wi their own sleeping bags, took rides in Glo Turtle & were made of Glo plastic. I naturally adore them!!! Pony Ambassadors to the Glo Friends include Glow, High Flyer & the Glowing Magic Ponies. Still looking for Glo Horsefly, the Glo Friend ambassador to the Ponies.

Secondly, & a bit bigger, are the Keypers. In my childhood collection they stored small accessories for the Ponies accordingly, Fancy stored ribbons, Sheldon nappies, bottles & teething rings, Tango toys, & Princess wands & rings. Nowadays I have most of them (Kangaroo, Bunny & I think one other missing). Pony ambassador to them has always been Sparkling Secret (pink aqua-haired Secret Surprise Pony), while Diamond & Glitter, the Keyper Ponies, ae the Keyper ambassadors.

Next up, when you're on about toys made FROM plushies, who can forget the Care Bears??? The wee poseables of these cute friendly bears with belly symbols & multiple colours blended right in to the Ponyworld. They have always been a part of mine, & while back in the day they did odd jobs, now they all work in the Nursery. The reason for this should be obvious. The Pony ambassador to them is Teddi (Cuddles in the States), who I have running the busy Nursery & looking after all the newborns there. I've told her to brace herself for four new arrivals.
On a related vein are the Care Bear Cousins, of whom I'm only missing the four rarest poseables, & thinking it's such a shame Nobleheart Horse was never made into a Poseable, even to tow a cart for the rest of the Cousins. He would have made a great Care Bear ambassador.

Close behind the Care Bear Cousins come the six (why not all 12, sob) poseable Wuzzles. Back in the day I found cake toppers of them who became the Wuzzles in the old Ponyworld. Now though all six are in it & enjoying themselves.

The Fairy Tails, who no longer have their own thread (shame really), are next. i have all the originals, two of the Tropical ones, two of the Baby Flyers & the two Playset ones Tiffany Tails & Tea Rose Tails (neither building though). Most don't have their own perches, but most don't mind: they perch all over Ponyworld: some on the Dream Castle, Tea Rose on Paradise Estate, a Baby Flyer on the Nursery, Tasty Tails on the G1 Kitchen, etc... I used to have (this is what UTH stands for) a couple of these birds who lived wi the original Pony collection. Now there are a good few!!!

Snugglebumms didn't just feature the actual Bumms. There were also pets & bugs. Both back in the day & now the bugs (three now) crept into my Ponyworld & with their bright colours were accepted as a part of it.

A relatively new addition to the Friends are the Furbies. Some real (but long since not alive anymore), some McDonalds, these guys sat on shelves even when no Ponies lived with me. But the Ponies agreed to take them in too.

Last, but by NO MEANS least (In fact, most except for the Ponies themselves), are the trolls. I don't really class them as dolls, just creatures wi fluffy G3 Jumbo Plush hair who look as good naked as they do clothed. Their hair is of rainbow colours, making the Ponies accept them into my Ponyworld, & though the trolls can't ride Ponies, they can join them on adventures. Trolls have always been a part of Ponyworld, & even had Trollworld when the Ponies didn't live here.

I hope you've enjoyed this wee tour of my Friends. There are still a few I'm looking for, especially Phony Glo Friends. Feel free to tell me who makes friends with your Ponies below.
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