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Greetings From the Land of Poutine Empty Greetings From the Land of Poutine

Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:46 pm
No that's not my name. I'm Fiddlephan or on the Arena it's Masqphan. I should have used the same name here to avoid confusion. lol

Anyhow I'm from Canada and an avid MLP collector. I have around 450 at the moment of all generations but by far most are from G1.
When ponies first came out I thought they were stupid but then a few years later I changed my mind and started collecting around the mid-80's and haven't looked back since.

I attended my first Pony Fair this year and it was amazing to see so many ponies in one place. 7,500sq feet of pony goodness.
I had been to the second last NY PonyCon and while that was fun, it was nothing like the Pony Fair.

Got in on the Friday night HQG1C sale at the Pony Fair and added a bunch more to the few I already had from the project. Was awesome to buy and not worry about shipping or paying duties. Plus I got a really neat black custom horse by Emily from the project that night.

I love creating things so the process with the project is forever fascinating to me.

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Greetings From the Land of Poutine Empty Re: Greetings From the Land of Poutine

Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:49 pm
welcome to the HQG1C boards! I love Poutine!!!!
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