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Hi Northern Maine Empty Hi Northern Maine

Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:51 pm
Hi Everyone...
I have collecting MLPs since I child in 80s; I still have several orginal toys from childhood and continue collecting MLPs thru each gen but my favorite classic G1s primary focus..
I recently discovered HQG1C and place order for first HQG1C ponies... I sooo excited can not wait to see them when they come in.
I have past collected Brewers and few equine related items...
Now little about myself...
I married, no human child and own a farm... I primarily work goats and rabbits....I shown rabbits professional in past but still work few breeds rabbots. My hubby into birds like Muscovy ducks ect and into plants... He much experience with organic and commercial growing for other farms... We are more hobby but our dream make our farm self dependable...
My other interest non MLP is anime, mild fantasy novels, ancients cultures and artifacts special items made stone, bone, crystal and wood...
I high appreciate old, natural things... I love see castles to natural waterfalls...
Most photos are of animals, MLPs, artwork caught my eye ect... I don't have alot human photos except my hubby, few close friends and family.
I don't get to travel far much due have farm and responsible it's hard find babysitters for livestock farm... Where I live very coutry/ woody alot people forget about Northern Maine unless wanting camp/ hunt do any outdoor sports activities... For farmers mostly potatoes, broccoli, oats... from organic to commercial... Potatoes are biggest crop and well know...
Southern, Central and Coastal most people familiar with Lobsters, puffins, blueberries, apples ect...
Thank you let me join this form..

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