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Hi, everypony! Empty Hi, everypony!

Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:06 am
My name is Mandy. I go by MnDancer here and on the arena. My favorite pony is Starshine, but when I was a kid playing with my ponies, Baby Moon Dancer was the one who always took on my personality in the little stories I would make up, so she's kinda been my ponysona my entire life. I just learned about HQG1C while attending the 2018 Pony Fair. I love to customize, but don't like to harm original G1 ponies when there's a very finite number of them. So discovering HQG1C's custom blanks was absolutely a dream come true! I also love their very Hasbro-like customs; most of the customs I make I try to do in Hasbro fashion myself. HQG1C will be getting most of my spare money for the foreseeable future.
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Hi, everypony! Empty Re: Hi, everypony!

Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:58 pm

I also like to create my Own Ponies... though, I tend to draw my Characters on Paper way before I decided to attempt Pony Customs and even then, I only created a few... and none of them were the Customs I put on Paper. Wink

With these Blanks, I would love to create MANY new Ponies, though, I do wish there were MORE MOLDS to Use. I know A Unicorn Big Brother is in the Works & we are just seeing the Pegasus Blanks coming. At the Moment, there is a Baby... an Adult is Planned. Smile

Right now, I am building Custom Families to unite the HQG1C Ponies with the Official Hasbro Ponies. Very Happy
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