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Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun) Empty Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun)

Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:30 pm
With the newest Basic Fun announcements...I'm in a quandary...
What do you think of collecting everything twice?

Because that's what it's shaping up to be for me.  How are you doing it? Where are you putting them all? MIB or opening? There's lots of dilemmas, so I'm looking for opinions and am just plain curious to see what everyone else is up to. (Variant lovers or variant haters alike)

For Starters: I am a variant lover.
I've gotten more-so over time, where 'keep both' looks REALLY appealing. Basic Fun is still going really strong, now skipping ahead into the year 3's Second-Set Rainbows. This is WAY exciting for me, and probably everyone else too because those were notorious for loads of nasty unfixable flaws like centerpoint/cancer and regrind hot spots and like gross discoloring & glitter rust that no one can fix. I would completely expect these to be super popular with everyone who already has them, just for the sake of getting them cheaply enough in good shape and made of plastic that you know doesn't have regrind.

But what about Bowtie & AJ?
These are really faithful it looks like from the photos...but...what if yours are already in good condition? Do you buy again anyway? Keep yours loose and the BF BD MIB? (They may pick Heartthrob and Surprise or something next...neither of whom are rare nor problematic...so, the issue is likely to continue) If yours aren't terrible, is there less motive to get these? (Like, the super-duper-crisp white on Glory/Moondancer was too tempting for everything)

I did buy the CP again because they were the most faithful of repros of those, so I kept them on as 'variants' but that means I have the originals, the old 2000s ones and now these so that's 3 of each CP character. Then I bought the rainbows again.....but the French box ones with the heart shape of smell holes, Sunlight has different glitter/dense symbol and that Parasol French box actually smells good instead of....wiiieeeerd? like the normal one so I got those 2 as well cause I can't stand regular Parasol smell.

But now....SCENTLESS Rainbows???
So those 6 AGAIN but without the smell. Because why? Do they suspect that the perfume in the plastic is going to discolor them and make them gross in 1 year? Were people complaining? Did it cost? People have already found head/body different ones of these. I even had to return a Moonstone. Do you buy all six of them again, and then just keep your scented? Were will you put everything? Like--I'm fast running out of space on shelves even though I added a new one. Are you going to ditch your scented for fear of conditions developing later and replace them with the scent-free ones for sake of stability?

I mean, we all know that buying BD repros & popularizing them as much as possible is the best thing to do because we could see those ultra-rare adult expensive seaponies get made, or 10 dollar Mimic or (of course) the Celestials because we begged for those and if they do well with these 'normal ponies' it could branch out into G1 actually coming back for real with all new sets of characters.

How do you feel about collecting like....all of G1 again? I mean best case scenario they make literally everything eventually.

Because it looks like that's what's happening to me since BD BF keeps on going. I can't resist new G1s in stores, it's just so surreal and exciting to me STILL.
Pepper Jack
Pepper Jack
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Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun) Empty Re: Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun)

Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:01 am
I'll be honest: I haven't yet bought any of the Basic Fun Ponies. If I do, it will only be one or two, plus the Grooming Parlour. Unlike some folks, I can't afford EVERY PONY AVAILABLE, so the ones I WILL get variants of are few & far between. At some point very soon I may add Butterscotch to my very short list of Ponies whose same-look variants I'll accept. I do have the Dutch Ponies because their colours are different enough for them to be classed as different Ponies imo. TBH I much prefer unique Ponies to variants. I know not everybody is the same, but in my case that's just how I am.
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Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun) Empty Re: Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun)

Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:23 am
I will be buying alot of the BF ones but not sure if I'd buy them all. So far I've only bought Butterscotch and Minty from the first set. I did buy the set of 6 scented rainbow ponies, but the color was bothering me, it was so drab, and the scent was fun at first but I really don't like it. Also with everyone posting about head/body mismatch appearing and weird spots showing up, I returned the rainbow ponies. I'm picky about certain things so if the pony isn't perfect to me then I won't buy it (otherwise it adds up quickly money wise). I'm hoping the unscented rainbow ponies come to Canada, they look better color wise so I might possibly buy all of those, and I think I'll be buying all the next set that's already come out, with Glory and Sunbeam and the rest. I do have most of these ponies already from the 80's, so I'm thinking they are going to be kept in the box.
I won't be buying the upcoming rainbow ponies, well except for Confetti, I drooled over her as a kid (wanted her but never got her) and I haven't found one without issues. I already have an amazing condition trickles so not sure if I'll buy the new one and the rest I don't like the colors (I have an army of flutterbye for some reason, and she's my least favourite, I've managed to sell one so far to a local collector).
As for where to put them, I have yet to buy the cabinets, I need them with doors because my cats love to chew on the ponies (they have put teeth marks in a handfull so far so I packed them away). I'm lucky enough to have some wall space where I can put cabinets, and if I was smart when I moved in here I would have taken the biggest bedroom instead of giving it to my son and I would have had enough room in there for like 10-12 display cabinets (his room is crazy big). I am quickly running out of storage space for all the ponies I currently have (not all of them I want to keep though, it's just tough to sell locally and I'm too nervous to try selling online). So I'm not sure what I'll be doing if BF continues to release more and more ponies, I'll definitely be buying ones that I want, not sure on where they will go yet Smile
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Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun) Empty Re: Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun)

Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:20 pm
I'm on the fence about the whole thing.. I love being able to get new 'vintage' ponies, but at the same time, I lean toward the HQG1 ponies just because they're new in every sense of the word. They're always a surprise even after teaser photos! 3rd year rainbow ponies will be nice because of the irreversible flaws of 30+ year old toys, but new is fun & refreshing. I've only purchased 2 BF ponies so far, & it's only because they're my favorites. Pros & cons I suppose
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Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun) Empty Re: Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun)

Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:51 pm
I like that the new g1's are coming out again.. I will probably buy each character that is released.. But I don't think I will be buying the mashems or the plush that is planned. So, I guess I wouldn't be collecting everything.

I do feel that it somewhat will hurt the original g1 ponies values, but in the long run it may pull the values up higher on the originals... The second edition rainbow ponies are hard to find in good condition, so I am happy they are making those again.

We have to remember that the point of them putting these back into stores is for a whole new generation to enjoy the magic that we all had back in the 80's and early 90's. The collectors in us have the urge to buy them again, because of the nostalgia and perhaps the pony addiction of wanting one of every version of the pony.  Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun) Empty Re: Collecting Everything Twice? Opinions / Questions? (Basic Fun)

Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:35 pm
I am happy to see the older ponies back on shelves! I have been buying them whenever I can, but our stores rarely get them in so I have to keep a close eye out for them.
I will be keeping them all in box since, well I have most of the originals loose and being played with by my kids, lol
I would be happy to buy some extras if my kids want them for their rooms since my old ponies stay in the living room in a giant tote box!
I think it is a great idea to help newer generations fall in love with the charm of the original ponies! My kids love them just as much as me and that makes me so happy!
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