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What was the BEST out of G4 TOY-only ? Empty What was the BEST out of G4 TOY-only ?

Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:18 pm
Now that G4 toys are done...
Nothing else G4 toy-only will be coming out. Blindbags are long replaced by cutie crew, which is now gone for G4.5 or whatever it'll be called. Brushables are over, and FS is too. Everything from this point on will be the new style. So with nothing else capable of coming out, we have our playing field.

So it comes time to ask the BIG question:
What was the BEST TOY of all of G4? Figures DO count / so yes Funko. It doesn't have to be brushable but it can be.
Show a photo if you like!

ACCURATE - Does it look like the show/character while being appealing?
QUALITY - Does it have actual collect or play value?
FUN - Do you think it is fun to have?

Nominate your toys!
But you have to list WHY it belongs in the 'best' category. Share photos, use the criteria or add your own. You can add a "wacky extra" too, if there's something strange but charming that you really like. Tack it on! I want to see what everyone thinks was the best item. Do we agree? Is there something you missed? Let's find out.

My Picks:
1. Fashion Style Tempest Shadow-
THE. Most. Accurate. Pony. Looked exactly like the movie. Looked like an actual pony! Her brushable didn't even do as well, and her GOH was only fair. This thing was the best, plus, she was brushable AND a light up figure too. Buy this while it is cheap.
2. Funko Celestia & Luna Full Size-
These are a close 2nd even though I don't own (but want) both of them. Transparent manes like the show, show-proportions (if not scale), individually sculpted, pretty colors, good glitter. They don't do anything, so they're in 2nd place.
3. The Zillas-
They had accurate wings unlike FS. They were big enough to feel quality. Discounting Cadence & Celestia who had weirdo hair colors and looked like baby versions of themselves, the mane 6 were very nice and solidly done here.
4. Glamor Glow Rarity (and lesser known GG Cadence)
Kinda-TAF, good light up feature, pretty designs but rotten hair quality. Would be very suiting for Rarity to want to be 'glamour glow'. Loses all its points for bad hair, but makes the list for very pretty sculpt, good design, and good light feature.
5. Maybe the Hikari Soufubi Dashes?
Amazing pose but the face was kinda odd, great glitter/colors, but kind of hard to find. Good quality plastic but you couldn't do much with it.

Wacky Extra:
Stratos Skyranger Movie Sounds Action GOH-
Buyyyyyyy this guyyyyyy while he is cheap. He's an old school giant action figure with wing flapping light up and sound action. And ironically, he's the most pony like thing G4 ever produced. I'm gonna say it: He's MOST!
But he's not like the movie and he's not even a hippogriff because they didn't give him a beak/bird head, but a real horse nose. So he's not even accurate. But he's actually fab looking with accurate horse-back-legs, beautifully done hair, excellent proportions and is actually really graceful with the big wings. They wrote him out of the movie, but don't write him out of the collection.
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What was the BEST out of G4 TOY-only ? Empty Re: What was the BEST out of G4 TOY-only ?

Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:12 pm
My personal faves are:

GOH in general: you can't brush them but they rock socks!!! I have Daring Do (my only normal size Daring Do), TS & Changeling & the Wonderbolts wi their flyer, as well as Discord. All are pretty dynamic & have great accessories too.

Fashion Styles: bigger than the brushables & blend better than the smaller ones wi the other Generations of Pony, plus they get to wear stuff. TS has her tiara, AJ gets a hat (before her normal sized one had hers), & Rarity gets some great attire.

My Little Pony Pop Pony Sweet Shop. Not the Pinky Pie wi the set, just the set, which is the nearest I've found to an actual Sugar Cube Corner & looks a lot more like it than the TS Castle looks like the Castle of Friendship etc. Plus the bakery set wi Mrs Cake fits right in there too!!! So yep, ticks the boxes for me.

When they brought out the poseable brushables, I thought that was amazing!!! Finally you could both style & pose your Ponies.

I could mention a few worsts too but maybe another topic???
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