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So It's ILLEGAL to Sell SkyDancers on Ebay? Suspended! Now What. Empty So It's ILLEGAL to Sell SkyDancers on Ebay? Suspended! Now What.

Thu Feb 06, 2020 2:14 am
It's apparently illegal to sell Skydancers dolls on ebay. And they suspend me for 3 days for doing it, plus pulling them both down after I had good bids. And then hiding all the rest of my stuff from searches until they decide not to because I might have more TeRRoR DoLls somewhere to wreak havoc upon...?idk?

It doesn't make sense.
I did look it up and yes the old original Galoob ones WERE product recalled at some point, but the recall was only to stores selling NIB product. Also the recall would end after Galoob also ended because you can't recall something to a company that doesn't exist. So the recall is expired, then how is it illegal?

How do OTHER people have their listings for the SAME dolls up and also SOLD still?
Clipper did research and the whole thing makes even less sense.
It's ok to sell them in EU and CAN but not here. But then how did Big Lots sell them in 2015? The whole scandal (as it were) was in 2000 or so where people could 'return it to galoob for another product'. The government's webpage says people got concussion, and broke their ribs on them which is clearly total lies.

If Ebay knows it's a banned product like "A Gun & 1 Fresh Human Kidney--still works!"
Why even allow it to be listed?
There's even a whole search-suggestion for the stupid things...you're not allowed to write swears into the listing titles, why not just make skydancers galoob a swear and not allow people to list? Why create entrapment by allowing the listing to go up and then smash the person down later. How is anyone supposed to know which now-non-existing-toy-companies had recalls on their stuff? What about the McDonald ones that didn't launch? What about knockoffs that do the same thing? Like if people were what, shooting the dolls at each other? You can still sell Franny Frufru Flyer and shoot her at anyone you please because it's the same thing.....that should be banned too but it magically isn't.

What's burning me is there's identical sellers with the same dolls and those are still up.
I'm super salty and really tempted to try and report them but that's not the right thing to do. (Unless it was they who reported me because they don't want competing dolls? That's so dirty if so....just wait! Everyone can sell)

Is someone vindictive about the listing & that's "Just what you get" for trying to sell or maybe they hated something else? The ones still up don't have anything special about the description either like "Its for adults" or "only sealed package never open it or your child will die of doll....uh...twirling...affliction"

So what do I do now?
I have like heaps of these things, the fairies the animals the originals and launchers and what all. You're not going to be able to do Etsy or Ecrater either because they probably have the same secret (until you break it) rule in place too waiting to pop out like a viper.

Anyway.....just wanted to throw this into the dolls area to be sure no one else runs afoul of the secret trap on feebay.
3 days isn't the worst thing ever but it was just a nasty surprise.
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