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Buy Before July: International Shipping Rate Raise Coming Empty Buy Before July: International Shipping Rate Raise Coming

Sat Jun 13, 2020 2:53 am
It doesn't matter where you're shopping.
But if it's going TO the USA from China or coming FROM the USA to elsewhere in the world there's a rate hike coming that nobody's talking about yet, and it's bad news. I know there are people from everywhere here so if you're planning to buy or trade ponies here or anywhere else do it NOW in June before the hikes hit.

I just found out about it at
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

So like.......tell EVERY one, get on Facebook or something because 100% rise is bad news bears for anyone involved seller or buyer--but especially here because of trading. I LOVE trading ponies and will trade with anywhere, I don't want it to get harder to do.
You can also bet the evening news isn't going to cover this on TV because the virus has made all countries to be "not in a good place right now" economically, and also that with the virus around shipping things to homes to stay safe is also really important......so now is the opposite of 'an ok time' to jump the rates up on everybody when they need it more than ever and are also least-able to pay it.

They're only supposed to do such things in January of the new year, so I know that traders here and sellers aren't expecting it so close deals before July 1st if possible and spread the word all over the place because this has the potential to make things difficult.

So buying Chinese things off ebay, wish, alibaba fakies and silly stuff, all stuff like that is likely to get hit a lot--and that includes craft supplies and materials too it's not just ponies. Also loads of people trade with Canada and have friends and stuff so maybe prep the holiday/Christmas packages early if possible and get them out because 50% higher is no joke.

What about big stuff?
You'll see mentioned 4.4 lb or less, but it doesn't say what if it's big? Like you were get 10 pound thing? I don't know/the article doesn't say. I don't know if there's anything we can do to stop it. But since this does affect us...its better to know ahead of time.

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