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I am the VICTIM of an Ebay SCAMMER: Protect Yourself! (Instructions)  Empty I am the VICTIM of an Ebay SCAMMER: Protect Yourself! (Instructions)

Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:33 pm
Ok so I am SO ANGRY right now.
And all at MYSELF. I feel SO STUPID and full of rage. But, instead, I will type things into this message board to try to help others avoid my situation instead and maybe that's a better way to do it. It's a very easy scam to do, and it's also very easy to fall for-----however, it is also just as easy to avoid. Don't be horrible and stupid like me. Because if there's one of these jerks there's bound to be like 50 more. And banning them is like stomping on mushrooms, it gets rid of 1 but makes another pop up somewhere else.

What happens in the scam:
An ebay user will send you a message RIGHT AFTER your item ends
It's "grandma" or so, who is buying the thing "as a gift" and so needs the address "corrected" before you send it out

But it's not the real buyer!
They're COUNTING on you NOT LOOKING at who the real buyer of the item was, and just correcting the address to that of the thief because they are in such a rush to get the item/such an important gift that you don't double check before you change the address.

Now you can see why I feel so stupid.
Like, who falls for that?
Who doesn't check that the message sender is the same person that bought?
Of course it ended up being some account with a single feedback only active since January.
And you KNOW they have absolutely been doing this "OMG ADDRESS" thing since they started on ebay, just doing it to every seller who had an item they wanted for free that already sold that item.

What did they get?
A pristine condition, with necklace white big talking princess celestia who I had spent good time on fixing up.
What is their fate?
I got them banned. I got on an ebay live-chat with a moderator there and they went through my transactions and messages to see exactly what all happened and the bad person got banned from ebay/unable* to make more accounts. (*Unable to....easily....there are always ways to make more accounts on ebay, they don't get your SS# or your bank account when you join, so these people will just keep doing it forever because free things!)

So anyway, this is a pretty obvious scam.
But when you get a message about an item that's been won CHECK IF ITS FROM THE PERSON WHO WON IT!
That's basically all you have to do to avoid it.
It's easy.
And if someone has a message like that, 100% report them right away via the live chat to ban them because a ban WILL happen. If anyone who didn't win an item asks you for a change of address on that item, report them, allow the ebay mod into your ebay messages when they ask and it's an insta-ban for the person. Just asking something like that makes the ban happen, which is really nice.

If this saves 1 person from such a scam it is worth it so spread the word around because this is probably a popular scam. Tell anyone you know who sells on ebay.
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