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The birthday present special: Pink Kittywinks becomes a Pony!!! Empty The birthday present special: Pink Kittywinks becomes a Pony!!!

Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:39 am
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Meet Pink Kittywinks. She's here in both G1 & G3 format. The G1 was an HQG1C blank earth, while the G3 was a bait G3 Pink Kittywinks gave to me lol. Both were dyed in Rit Dyemore super pink, given hair in HQG1C shades Garland Green, Bright Blue, & Great Grape (the last straightened with kettle-boiled water), & their eyes & symbols painted on. The G3 also has a hoof heart.

State the obvious: Kitty is in the name, so they Ponies HAD to have a cat!!! A Bella was thus bought, dip dyed in Super Pink & Sapphire Blue, & given stripes. Her tail was removed, dip-dyed in the same two shades, then reinserted. The cat's name is Winky, & has one of her eyes painted closed so she is winking, due to the fact Wink is also in the name.

This is literally the first time I've made a Custom specifically for somebody else, & I asked her for some colour guides (like her favourite non-pink colours which became the hair colours). I was so nervous as I packed these in a gift bag, before adding them to a box of accumulated Pony spares to send off, but I received a glowing email & was so pleased all the items, these Customs included, were appreciated.

Last but not least, Pink Kittywinks, I hope you have an awesome birthday!!!
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