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Odin Loses His Toy on Earth: Zecora Goes Wrong with 8 Legs! Empty Odin Loses His Toy on Earth: Zecora Goes Wrong with 8 Legs!

Fri Aug 27, 2021 12:39 am
Uh oh.
Odin has lost his toy Slepnier horse on Earth....and it's still got 8 legs!
Slepnir is Odin's 8 legged rainbow running fire-breathing horse from Norse mythology. Why someone decided that it would be a good idea to mix that with Zecora I have no idea but it sure did create a crazy fakie. I've never seen one with 8 legs before so now you can too

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I have ZERO idea what's up with this.
Lazy strange stripes? What's the tail, it looks like a bug's tail? The body is becoming sort of "S" shaped. Why is the mane so small and not on the neck? It has like trying to be a G4 head and eyes but they made it so badly? You wouldn't expect them to color inside the ear because it is a lazy item where they couldn't even give a neck properly but there it goes...
I guess it should get some credit for being an action figure because clearly the legs can move and they are all at least different from each other.

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