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Hello! New to the boards, so I'm introducing myself. Empty Hello! New to the boards, so I'm introducing myself.

Sun Jun 12, 2022 6:29 pm
I am so glad HQG1C has a message board! Or whatever you call a website in this style, my mind is cloudy right now, lol. I'll get a profile/avatar pic set up eventually! There's been some talk of people wanting to make HQG2C, I hope it happens.

I have to admit I voted for my favorite Date Night before introducing myself- It was a toss up between Elegance and True Blue, but in the end I chose the unicorn with pink eyes in the mimic pose (of course). Elegance is great in every way but I could take or leave yellow hair...now I realize she needed my vote, poor thing. I have the whole set, tho I plan on customizing/rehairing the long haired version of Blue. It seems like they are winning based on who glows the brightest....

I am working on some customs right now, my skillz are pretty basic, but I'm good with color. I also enjoy creative writing. Okay, now I'll dive into the boards for a while, looking forward to talking to everyone!

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