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Pepper Jack
Pepper Jack
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HQG1C Checklist (updated) Empty HQG1C Checklist (updated)

Tue Nov 22, 2022 3:39 pm
Love Collection

Puppy Love (M)
Puppy Love (P)
Kitty Love (M)
Kitty Love (P)

Kitty Love + Keeper (KPS Excl. - Mint)
Kitty Love (KPS Excl. - White)
Puppy Love (White)

Glitter Island Ponies


Glitter Island Baby Ponies

Glitter Wishes
Lucky Star

Holiday Ponies

Star Spangled
Lil' Pumpkin
Batty Boo
Candy Cane & Holly Berry
Drediel & Lil' Star
Dasher/Jolly Treats + Hat

Playful Baby Ponies

Flipper - B/Y/P/G
Nipper - B/Y/P/G
Tipper - B/Y/P/G
Zipper - B/Y/P/G

Playful Baby Ponies (Flocked)

Flipper - B/Y/P/G
Nipper - B/Y/P/G
Tipper - B/Y/P/G
Zipper - B/Y/P/G

Sweet Treat Baby Ponies

Berry Torte
Berry Buttercream
Rainbow Puff
Rainbow Twist

Artistry Girl Ponies


Valentines - Artistry Girl Ponies

Lovebound (M)
Spellbound (M)
Lovebound (P) - Limited
Spellbound (P) - Limited

Fun at the Festival Pony Gift Set

Baby Fiesta
Baby Chipper
Baby Bubbly
Baby Jamboree
Baby Jubilee
Baby Fun-Day

Farmer Boy Ponies

Pepper Jack

Date Night Ponies

High Hopes
True Blue
True Blue (Alt hair)

Sea Glimmers

Glitzy Waves + Purple Shell
Sea Rose + White Shell
Ocean Mist + Pink Shell
Sapphire Sparkle + Yellow Shell

Make A Wish Ponies

Genie  (Rearing, light pink hair) + Glitter Stand
Genie (Rearing, dark pink hair) + Glitter Stand
Moon Shimmer (LSGP Exc. White, light pink hair)
Moon Shimmer (LSGP Exc. White, surprising yellow hair)
Stellar Moon (Clippers Sail Exclusive)

Awareness Ponies


Nautical Ponies


Glowing Sea Ponies

Sea Glow + Blue Shell

Clippers Sail Exclusives

Genie & Oria (2019)
Genie W/Stand (Glitter - Rearing 2022)
Harmony (5 hair variants - Pony Fair 2018)
Hope (5 hair variants - Pony Fair 2018)
Little Apple ( Pony Friends Forever Con 2022)
Little Butterfly (Pony Friends Forever Con 2022)

Prideful  Ponies

Pretty Bow & Sky (Sitting)
Rainbow Beats & Keeper

Looking Fancy Ponies

Pretty Bow & Sky (standing)

Weather Boy Ponies

Little Thunder
Little Bolt
Little Meteor  
Little Sunrise
Little Whirlwind
Little Diamond Dust

Intergalactic Ponies


Create Your Own Pony

CYO White Base + White Hair (some may or may not glow in the dark, have different eye color and pose)

Blizzard v1
Blizzard v2
Snowball v1
Snowball v2
Snow v1
Snow v2
Snow v3
Flurry (Baby Pegasus)
Frost v1
Frost v2
Winter v1
Winter v2
Winter v3
Bella (Kitty)
Chilly (Dragon)

CYO Glitter (many verrsions, with different
Eye color, glow plastic, hair rooted in)

Sea Pony (Up)
Sea Pony (Forward)
Unicorn w stand
Newborn/ Itty Bitty
Rearing Baby
Flutter (turned)
Flutter (forward)
Earth - Adult
Baby Boy
Pegasus - Adult


Hat - Glitter


Dasher Print
Kitty Love Print (M)
Kitty Love Print (P)
Puppy Love Print (M)
Puppy Love Print (P)

Pins/Key Chains

Genie Pin (Glow)
Genie Pin (Glitter)
Sea Glow Keychain
Abalone Splash Keychain

Lovable Plush

Kitty Love
Puppy Love
Tradewinds (PFF Exclusive)

Pony Fair Exclusives

Fair Feathers (2018)
Fair Feathers - Fabulous Edition (2019)
Llama (2022)

Canadian Pony Extravaganza Exclusives

Maple Baby Boy (2019)
Mommy Maple (2021)
Daddy Maple (2022)

Pony Friends Forever Convention Exclusives

Tradewinds (2020)
Tradewinds - Diamond Edition (2021)
Tradewinds - Lovable Plush (2021)
Moonlight & Moonglow (2020)
Sunshine & Daydream (2020)
Blue Bonnet (2022)

UK Pony Con Exclusives  

Britannia Sea Pony + Yellow Shell (2019)
Britannia (2020)
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